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  • Work bench

    To guarantee high standards and qualified repair and maintenance, Carraro provides all workshops with the professional work bench, designed and patented by Carraro, which can be assembled in different layouts and accommodates and sustains all types of Carraro axles and transmissions.

  • Tools

    Repair a Carraro axle or transmission requires the righ equipment. To meet the needs of the professional, Carraro has designed and tested the best solution to perform all operations in safety and with the utmost precision, to ensure a professional repair free of doubts about the performance of the repaired product.

  • Electrical & engine components

    Thanks to the agreement with Atlantic Quality Parts, Carraro extends its range by offering a selection of quality components for agricultural and construction equipment vehicles:

    • electrical components (starters and alternators)
    • hydraulic components
    • parts of the engine and clutch
  • Carraro Energy batteries

    The Carraro Energy batteries come from the collaboration betweenCarraro and Fiamm, the world leader in the provision of quality starter batteries for some of the world's prestigious car manufactures.

    Applications: automotive, commercial vehicles and agricultural tractors.

  • Electropneumatic horns

    Electropneumatic horns. They play famous tunes at a high sound level to be listened from everyone!

    Each kit, available in blister, includes everything needed for installation.

    The kit is produced for cars and motorcycles.

  • Carraro Antifreeze

    Carraro Antifreeze: the innovative, highly biodegradable and redy to use coolant that guarantees excellent protection against freezing, up to -36°C, and boiling.

    Recommended for all engines and cooling circuits built with cast iron, aluminum, copper and related alloy, it is therefore suitable for cars, vans, heavy duty vehicles, construction equipment machines, buses, etc.

  • CarraroOil lubricants

    CarraroOil is the range of oils and greases designed to provide the optimal lubrication and high protection against wear for a wide range of products sush as transmissions units, brakes, clutches, gearboxes and engines.

    CarraroOil lubricants have been designed and created specifically to meet the needs of Carraro products for a long-term guaranteed success.

  • Carraro filters

    Carraro filters protect parts from wear and improve your vehicle performance, prolonging the life of your investment.

  • Carraro Tractors


Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items