Carraro Antifreeze coolant 5 lt

Carraro Antifreeze coolant 5 lt

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Regardless of the type of engine used, each vehicle needs to guarantee the operating temperatures under control with the coolant. To make the engine working at the temperature for which it has been designed.

The innovative and highly biodegradable Carraro Antifreeze coolant, guarantees excellent protection against freezing and boiling.


Recommended for all engines and cooling circuits built with cast iron, aluminum, copper and related alloy, it is therefore suitable for cars, vans, heavy duty vehicles, construction equipment machines, buses, etc.

The product, due to its particular characteristics, provides freezing protection up to -36°C.
Carraro Antifreeze is ready to use and respects a precise blending ratio between pure product and deionized/demineralized water to provide the best performance.